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Trick: How to Clear Borrowed Credit on MTN for Free


Sometimes when we need airtime and don’t have cash we borrow and most times aren’t happy to pay back, yes there are many people out there like that.

Maybe you borrow let us say up to N1000, paying back will be a little bit stressful especially if you are a student or still depending on your parent for pocket money.

FreeBrowsingWEB is mainly about tricks and today I will show you how to clear borrowed airtime/debt on MTN easily.

Please note that this is no official method, so for those that may encounter issues and may decide to call MTN customer care please beware.

it is also in no way targeted at affecting the business of the telecom giant, but to bring to their notice so it can be fixed asap. But as long as it lasts, enjoy. Winks

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So quickly, below is how you can clear airtime borrowed on MTN in easy steps…


  • Two SIMs on MTN Mpulse (Extra and Main SIM)
  • N50 Airtime on the Extra SIM

How to Clear Borrowed Credit on MTN for Free

  1. You may need an extra SIM card to me able to clear the borrowed credit on your main SIM. If you have gotten the SIM, then continue
  2. Migrate the Extra SIM to MTN Mpulse by dialing *344*1#, if you are already on the tariff plan, then you can go to step 3
  3. You will need an Mpulse Transfer PIN, dial *344#, select option 5, then option 8 and input SIM details, Name and Date of birth (This should be the same you used during your SIM Registration)
  4. A message will be sent to you containing your 4digit PINclear-borrowed-credit-mtn
  5. Now, dial*344*5*2*1*1#and add MAIN NUMBER and then, the self-care pin and gift N50 to the SIM that is owing and that line must also be on MPULSE.
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Now you should notice that your debt has been cleared instantly. Awesome right?

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Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends


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