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Glo N200 for 1.2GB; Cheapest data Plan in Nigeria 2018


Glo Special Offer: 1.2GB for N2000, 6GB for N1000, Activation code

Glo in the season of celebration is dishing out massive data at a very affordable rate.

Not long ago, MTN was rewarding loyal customers with 500MB and 1GB and Glo have introduced something much better.

This is similar to 9Mobile N200 for 1GB but as I said, this is the best for now.

With N200, you get 1.2GB and with N1000 you can accumulate up to 6GB which is really mouthwatering. Many network subscribers in my locality have started using Glo just because of this, but you know; a lot of people are still gonna get tired maybe because of poor network coverage.

If you are in a location where Glo network is very stable with good network strength, then consider yourself very lucky, Lol.

This cheap data plan from Glo is dubbed Glo Special offer. This works on all internet-enabled smartphones which as Android, Blackberry, Microsoft, Apple, Personal Computer, etcetera. You see, it is indeed a special offer from Glo.

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But there is a downside which many may not consider but I gotta state it. This plan lasts for just 3days, uhhhh; so sad. Even if you accumulate up to 6GB, it only lasts for 3 freaking days. This is good for those that will love to download heavily.

So quickly, let me cut the gist short. Below is how to activate Glo 1.2GB for N200 (Special Offer)

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How to Activate Glo Special Offer (1.2GB for N200)

> Recharge your Glo line with N200

> Simply dial *777#. Then reply with 1 > then 1 > then 5 > then 2 > then 1.

> You can dial *127*0# to view your data balance.

How to Get 6GB for N1000

Interestingly, you can subscribe multiple times. Subscribing 5 times will give you a whopping 6GB for N1,000, all valid for 3 days. If you are a heavy internet user, then this plan is the best for you.

Final Words

This is better than all the free browsing cheats we have currently, so I strongly recommend this plan to you if you want to enjoy more value for your money or something close to Free browsing.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Honestly, they need it.


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