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Cruise TV Not Working? Watch Cracked Server using MXPlayer


Last week I published a post about how you can stream for free using Cruise TV with an MTN SIM Card. But unfortunately, this didn’t work for a lot of us due to the fact that the app had some bugs, maybe!

Well, today we will be using a different method and a cracked version of the Cruise TV App. Thanks to those that made this possible; now everybody can enjoy free TV on their Android Smartphones without paying a dime.

Cruise TV can be enjoyed for free without subscription or data. It’s only available to Android users for now.

With this method I am about to reveal to you, you should be able to make use of Media apps like MXPlayer to enjoy Cruise TV; Most of us are used to MXPlayers, particularly those that watch movies on their Phones.

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A download link for a file you are gonna import will be shared as well and you will enjoy Cruise TV without data deduction on MTN.

For better connection and enjoyable streaming, I recommend the MTN 4G LTE.

How to  watch Cruise TV on Cracked Server using MXPlayer

  1. Download the Cruise TV Sever Txt file here
  2. Download MXPlayer from Google Playstore or APKPure
  3. Open the app, you should see an options button at the top right corner of your screen, tap on Network Stream.
  4. Paste the cracked server link
  5. Enjoy

Now you should enjoy Cruise TV without hitches on your smartphone.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share with dem peeps.


  1. Really good and helpful guide on how to stream and watch videos for free on Cruise TV.

    Recently hearing gossips from guys around social media about the Cruise TV stuff and I’m yet to try it out.

    This guide Is worth a lot shares for people to benefit as well. You got 1share from me bro.

    Anyways, visit my website where I teach how to use techs correctly.

    Best regards bro

    Remain Sylvester Chidi


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