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MTN 1GB Free Browsing Eproxy Settings (.Epro)


The MTN free browsing Cheat is working really well at the moment and a lot of people now have access to the internet even without data on their phones. In a day, you have 1GB to enjoy which is really manageable because in a month you should have used 30GB; that’s enough cash if you subscribe.7

So, I will reveal a new config file and another VPN app you can use to browse for free dubbed Eproxy APK for Android. This works like a jet and has been tested by rooted and non-rooted Android phone users.

Like I mentioned earlier, it is capped at 1GB daily but it’s manageable. I revealed the MTN Mpulse Spark VPN settings yesterday which demanded a few bucks to browse and power all apps using the MTN Mpulse plan.

But this is totally different, once you download Eproxy APK and FreebrowsingWEB.ePro (config file), you are on your way to long-lasting free browsing cheat.

So quickly, let’s take a look at the requirements and what you need. Please note that you don’t need any skill to make this work, everything has been made readily available, you work here is just to import and enjoy. For the sake of those that don’t know how to go about this or haven’t used any free browsing like this I will explain.

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  1. Strong 3G Network
  2. Eproxy.APK
  3. FreeBrowsingWeb.ePro (Download Here)

MTN 1GB Eproxy Settings

  1. Download Eproxy APK from the Link above
  2. Also download the config file, ePro
  3. Now click on a file symbol at the lower part of your screen, locate the downloaded file (Freebrowsingweb.ePro) and click it to import. mtn-eproxy.config
  4. Now Hit Start and you should be browsing for free at full speed.

The config file was developed in such a way that it meets everyone’s demand. I mean nobody will complain about the config files because they are blazing hot.

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Feel free to share this config file with your friends; they need it.



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