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MTN Free Internet Uganda Using HTTP Injector 2018


MTN Free Internet Proxies is now available for you to enjoy but this time around it comes preconfigured and you just need to import a config file and get your trick blazing as never before. This works with the MTN tidal music promo for subscribers in Uganda.

This works for only Android users at the moment but can be shared via hotspot to other devices. I will disclose how you can share the free internet connection via hotspot; Not just your regular method to be clear.

The MTN Tidal music gives you 30days free access to the tidal music. With tidal music, you enjoy songs, albums and unique playlists via streaming. Here’s where the trick comes in; with HTTP Injector, you can power all apps on your Android device using the free data allocated to you for Tidal Music. Cool?

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  • A working SIM Card (MTN)
  • A strong 3G or 4G Network Coverage
  • An Android device
  • Get the free tidal music promo subscription which lasts for 30 days – Dial *165*66#

MTN Free Internet Trick Uganda 2018 – MTN Tidal Music

HTTP Injector Settings for MTN Free Internet Uganda 2018

  1. After downloading the APK file and EHi file
  2. Launch HTTP Injector and tap on a folder-like box near the Gear icon on your screen
  3. You should see Import and Export. Click Import
  4. Now locate the EHI File and select it to import.
  5. Switch on your data and click START
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MTN Free Internet for PC Uganda

Here you must have an android device and a live connection with HTTP Injector. If you have that download Tethernet (Rooted device) or PDANet for PC and Phone (Share Via USB).

If you have questions please feel free to ask. I will attend to you as fast as I can.

Enjoy while it lasts!


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