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MTN 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing September 2018


MTN Free Browsing for September 2018 is blazing currently, with the help of various tunnelling app. We have enjoyed something like this around last month. This now works perfectly for everyone and can be used to stream, download and browse the internet 24/7 without limits

The loophole is actually a cool one because there are no issues of speed throttling and works for a good number of people.  Before I move into the settings, it’s important I let you know that it may not work for you if you browsed Unlimited last month. I am not discouraging you anyways, just in case it doesn’t connect for you, get another SIM and try again; it will definitely work.

We will make use of HTTP Injector which has been the major tunnelling app since we can hide our host and lock them, safe from ISPs and making them last longer I mean before they are discovered by ISPs. Do also note that the loophole will be discovered, but all that matters is how long it lasts. Anyways let move further

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The requirements we may need here are just few because you do not need any form of skill or tweaking guide to make this work. You are only expected to import a config file and connect. In less than 2 minutes, you should be blazing free internet in Nigeria after getting the few requirements below

Table of Contents


  1. Download HTTP Injector APK
  2. Download MTN Free Browsing EHI
  3. A strong 3G Network
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How to Setup Http Injector for MTN Free Browsing

  • After download HTTP Injector
  • open the HTTP Injector app and click on import as shown on the screenshot below;

mtn http-injector-september-2018

  • Go to your download folder and import this file FreebrowsingWeb 0.0K.ehi 
  • Now Click START
  • Wait for 2-3 Minutes; It should connect

It is as easy as that. You can now connect and enjoy free browsing at great speed with no limits. If you have any questions, please if you have any questions do use the comment section



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