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How to use Group Video Call Feature on Whatsapp in Easy Steps


Whatsapp introduced a new feature (For Groups) which allows users make video calls in form of a conference call. This feature is actually the best features Whatsapp has revealed in 2018. So for the sake of those that don’t know how to go about making conference video calls on Whatsapp I’ll explain everything you need to know. It’s very easy

This can be used by group of friends, family members, class mates and so on. It only consumes your data but brngs everyone together which makes the feature more interesting. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to know how to access the group video call feature on Whatsapp.

The group video call is not available for YoWhatsapp users and GBwhatsapp users yet, but should be revealed before the end of this week. So quickly lets take a look at how to use Whatsapp group video call all in easy steps

How to Use Whatsapp Video Call

Now if those you want to make this group video call with aren’t in a group chat; I mean you have them saved as contacts only, create a group and add them then carry out the procedures below

  1. Go to the Whatsapp group, locate a member’s message and highlight it; just the way you highlight messages when you want to copy
  2. After that, click option (Three dots) at the top right corner of your screen and select voice or video call.
  3. Now look at the top right corner of your screen, you should see an “Add Symbol” click on it
  4. You can add 3 participants to the video call
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This feature is great and unique. At the moment, only 4 Whatsapp users can be in a group. Who knows; it may be increased in following updates.

Tell your village people by sharing this post sha; they can rock group whatsapp video call for family meetings #lol


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