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How to Stop Unauthorized Adding to Telegram Groups


Most new users face this issue, you wake up and notice you belong to a group you didn’t join. Your login to your telegram account and notices you have been added to some unknown group which maybe you are not even interested in. You can actually stop this. For those that don’t know, this post is for you

So, I joined Telegram around 2016 although I wasn’t that active so I stopped using the app for some time. I later opened the app again and notice I was in about 5 new telegram groups which got me surprised. In fact, I started to get the feeling that it’s normal because we encounter the same on Facebook.

I later found out that I could actually stop this by just using a simple setting which I will reveal to you all facing same issues today. To me it actually spamming. Anyway, let’s get started

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How to Stop Unauthorized addition to Telegram groups

It fast and easy. Just follow the procedure below and you should be good.

  • On the main page of the telegram, you should see three buttons at the top left corner of your device screen; click on it
  • Now click on Settings


  • Different options should be seen, click on Privacy and Security
  • In Privacy category, you should see Blocked users, last seen, calls, groups. Click on Groups

stop telegram group adding

  • Now Who can add you to groups; Select My Contacts

telegram groups

So, you see it fast and easy. The privacy setting at default is set at public (Everybody can add you to groups) but you there’s an option which is above if you don’t like it.

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