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PUBG Lite APK for Low-End Smartphones


Are you using a smartphone that isn’t up to requirement to enjoy PUBG Battle Ground APK? Worry no more because the Lite version of this wonderful online game has been revealed.

This was unveiled in Philippians with reduced map to 40 instead of 100. Also, it as a smaller 2x2m map optimized for phones with lower hardware. if you try to download the APK and OBB File and get a reply like your device isn’t compatible; the PUBG Lite APK was unveiled because of you.

According to source, the players on PUBG Lite may be matched with players on PUBG for Smartphones as it has 100 players per map. That’s just normal and definitely should be enjoyable

Where to Download PUBG Lite?

At the moment you can’t download PUBG Lite APK but it will be made available any time from now. We may as well notify you of any development that comes up.

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At the moment, that’s all the information we have about PUBG Lite APK for Android. Do share this post with friends using Low end smartphones


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