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Download GBWhatsapp V6.50, V6.55 Latest | GBMods


A new version for GBWhatsapp dubbed GBWhatsapp v6.55 has been unveiled. The GBWhatsapp v6.40.1 came with some improvements which they latest was an overhaul. Please note that this is from GBMods and different from the Whatsapp from Official Plus.

GBWhatsapp v6.55 is the best Whatsapp mods; I consider others as underdogs anyway. Like we know, GBWhatsapp allows you save status, copy status, increase video length in status from 30 secs to about 7 mins.

You can also enable anti revoke with better privacy settings than the Official Whatsapp. Anyways, it can’t be compared. Some features available on GBWhatsapp will never be introduced on the official version of the Instant messaging app.

So if you want the freedom to enjoy a lot of features, switch to GBWhatsapp v6.55 today. The download link will be revealed as I proceed. But before then, below are the features of GBWhatsapp v6.55

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What’s New in GBWhatsApp V6.50, v6.55

* Updating the version of the bookmark 2.18.203
* (Exclusively) Add a record of the deleted messages, now you can see the messages that the other party deleted at any time (open the profile of any conversation and deleted messages)
* The possibility of hiding pictures and videos from the studio, application Alwatsab (Open the profile ofany conversation and media display)
* activate the option to save chat in the form of a compressed file and the possibility to share (options – more – transfer chat)
* activate discrimination message feature as read from the notices
* activate Select all chats in the main screen option
* possibility Request a report of your account information in Wattab (Open Settings in Wattab – Account – Request account information
* No need to apply GBThemes now removed
* Uninstall option 6.8 Display list of names
* Fix the problem of not displaying the message of deleted messages in some devices

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* Fix the problem of applying the themes in some devices
* Fix Internet search problem
* Fix the problem of making a backup copy and restore it from option 6.7
* Fix problem sharing and sending themes
* Update Italian and Portuguese languages
* Fixes Other

The link is safe and it is the latest version from the developer of GBWhatsapp v6.55


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