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Alternative: Settings for Glo 0.0k Browsing 2018 with UCMini Handler


After publishing a post about the Glo 0.0k free browsing yesterday, we have received lots of testimonies; positive and negative testimonies. But at the moment it looks like a lot of people aren’t enjoying the free browsing trick even with every requirement (3G SIM, Strong Network coverage) the tweak demands.

Anyway, if you are among those experiencing such, I will advice you try this alternative with Ucmini handler and see the improvement/difference. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of using UCMini handler but still remains the best for you for now till we get the final solution.

Complains such as frequent disconnection when utilizing Anonytun VPN has been reported and for some people doesn’t even connect at all. If you have a 3G SIM you can try out this and see if it will work for you.

Please note that with UCMini Handler you can only download and browse within the app. It doesn’t power all the apps in your device but can only give you access to the internet all within UCmini handler.

So quickly lets take a look at the requirement, settings and how to download

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Advantages of Ucmini Handler

  1. Can be used to download files up to 5GB but using a different proxy which I will reveal as I proceed.
  2. Browsing, downloading, and streaming speed is awesome.
  3. Saves your data

Disadvantages of UCMini Handler

The only disadvantage this got is that it cannot be used to power all apps as it works for only UCMini/within UCMini

With this understanding let’s move on

Requirements for Glo 0.0k 2018

  • A 3G SIM (4G SIM not recommended for now)
  • A Strong network coverage
  • 0.0k Account balance (Or Send PAYU to 127 to empty your account)
  • Download UCMini Handler

APN Settings For Glo 0.0k Browsing with UCMini Handler

  • APN: Glosecure or 176.90.6868.67:[email protected]_Ultra
  • APN Type: Default &Supl
  • Leave proxy and port blank

Settings Glo Free Browsing 2018 with Ucmini handler

  1. Device user agent: click and choose Android
  2. Handler download limit: 9999999991
  3. Tick remove port
  4. Proxy Type: Real Host
  5. Proxy Server:
  6. Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
  7. Real Proxy Port: 80

glo 0.0k ucmini

How To Download Large Files Using UCMiniHandler via Glo 0.0k

The process not hard as you see the list, within 1 minute or less your file starts downloading. See steps below

Step 1... Get the link to the file you want to download

Step 2… Open a new tab, type in german-proxy.de or Buka.link and open

Step 3… One the above website opens, scroll down to a box where you would see Youtube.com, clear the youtube link.

Step 4… Now copy your download link(from the other tab) and paste it into the box.

Step 5…. This website will automatically change the format of the file, so when the download notification pops up, just click on the filename, and rename to the format of that file.

Step 6… E.g. you are downloading a movie like Rampage, You would see something like browse.php or german.php, just rename it to central intelligence.mp4 or 3gp or Mkv. But sometimes it doesn’t change the file extension to .php, so if u experience this just click on the download button and ride on.

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If you have any problems, do use the comment section, I will reply asap


  1. Pls it’s not working for me.. It’s Just showing a blank page.. I used uc handler in d past nd I’ll lyk 2 use it again ..pls so something abt it


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