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Glo 0.0k 2018 Free Browsing – See Working Settings [June/July]


Hey guys, After the long wait, Glo Free browsing cheat is back and blazing well with Anonytun VPN now renamed to Glo 0.0k 2018. A lot of people are excited I know, it been over 7 months since we enjoyed this tweak. It was one of the best we enjoyed in 2017 as far as I am concerned. Well, here is it again for us all to rock as long as it last.

A lot of people don’t feel happy with the tweak anyway because of how bad Glo network coverage is around the country. But if you have a slow network, you can see how to increase Glo Network speed and enjoy at least 100kb/s and for those with good network coverage continue reading.

For other complains like Data is not coming on say no more because that has been enabled again for us. The data is now coming on and you can use your Anonytun VPN to flex as you wish

There are few requirements we will need which aren’t really the same from what we have been using anyway. The Glo free browsing cheat is a famous one on the blog for those that have been following us for sometime now and with my settings I will make sure everyone using any Android device with a Glo SIM can have a vibe of the tweak.

Note that you will have to use only a 3G SIM because test is still on going for 4G SIMs. For the meantime, enjoy using your 3G SIM

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2018 just got better with Glo Unlimited browsing 2018; All Credit to LoyalTeams Admin for his good work. So below see how you can rock the Glo free browsing cheat on your Android device.

How to Make your Data Come On [Glo]

Just put on your data, it will come on, but if it doesn’t, send PAYU to 127 and wait for a message, after that turn on your data and continue with the next steps below

Requirements for Glo 0.0k

  • Your SIM
  • Strictly 3G SIMs. 4G SIMs don’t work for now
  • Your Android device
  • A strong 3G Network, if you don’t have, go to Network settings and set to 3G Only
  • Anonytun VPN (Download here)

APN Settings For Glo 0.0k Free Browsing 2018

  • APN Name: FBW Glo 2018
  • APN: Glosecure or Glo Flat
  • Leave others blank
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Glo 0.0k Free Browsing 2018 – Anonytun Settings

Like I said earlier, this works just for 3G SIMs for now

Step 1… Tick (Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF) to enable it on Anonytun VPN
Step 2… Connection Protocol, choose (HTTP).
Step 3… Connection Port (80/443).

– Url/ Host =
– Request method = POST
– Injection method = Normal 
Step 5 … Tick the following; Online host, Keep-Alive, User-Agent

glo 0.0k 2018 anonytun settings

Note: It will take 30secs – 2mins for it to connect. Just be patient while ti connect and boom, you are in.

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With this you should be able to rock Glo 0.0k 2018 without hitches. But if you experience any, feel free to use our comment section, I will attend to you asap.

Enjoy while it lasts!


  1. bro it actually connects but it disconnects more often than it connects..its not steady unlike before . please help


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