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Download GBWhatsapp v6.70 APK


GBWhatsapp latest version has been revealed for Android which comes with a lot of new features, improvements as well as fixes. Although it focuses majorly on improvement as there is a little-added feature. Download GBWhatsapp v6.70 and enjoy all these new features.

GBWhatsapp is the best mod of Whatsapp we have now. I regard others as underdogs because GB has the highest number of users as well with its variety of features which are been dubbed by other mods. With GBWhatsapp you have the freedom to access vital features you can never find on the Official version of Whatsapp.

One of the popular and vital features is the online toast; When anyone is online you get to know using GBWhatsapp. Now you don’t have to check the conversation box for those online which is pretty cool and gives you more freedom. Also the Status toast; this allows you know who has viewed your status. These are actually old features but I am saying this for the sake of newbies.

One of the features I longed for was how to disable notification for revoked messages and fortunately, GBwhatsapp has added the feature. You can now enable and disable the notification if you wish.

So quickly below are some of the features of GBWhatsapp v6.70

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Features of GBWhatsapp V6.70

New Features

  1. Option to hide New chat icon from header
  2. Option to disable revoked message notification (Mod 6.20)
  3. Option to disable Auto reply when Hide Read – Freebrowsingweb.com
  4. Option to enable video icon in conversation header (Mod 1.1.16)
  5. Custom media auto download in custom chat
  6. You can now search by name in theme server in GBWhatsapp v6.70
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  1. Updated Italian Language
  2. Updated Brazilian language


  1. Fixed contact name colour when add participants
  2. Fixed bubble colour
  3. Fixed privacy for blue microphone in GBWhatsapp v6.70
  4. Fixed GIF Background colour
  5. Fixed attach icon not showing in broadcast chat
  6. Fixed action bar colour, Icon Background colour, Count color in Hidden chats and Archieved chats
  7. And Many more

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Where to Download GBWhatsapp v6.70

Download GBWhatsapp v6.70 HERE



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