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Download Official Latest GBWhatsapp v6.40.1 APK


GBWhatsapp v6.4.1 most recent version has been revealed with numerous features. Most of the new features are based on the Admin Superpowers which allow you restrict users from sending a message to the group and others. Now you don’t have to hold download the audio button when recording a voice note, you can simply lock it and record for as long as you like!

Please Note that there are different Mod out there but this seems to be the official version of the App. The developer revealed the update on his twitter handle some days back. Although we have the likes of GBWhatsapp v6.70 from Whatsapp Plus not really from the real developer.

GBWhatsapp stands out amongst others. It has given a lot of Whatsapp users freedom to do what they actually want on the Number 1 Messaging app. It is important to note that you can customize your Whatsapp Interface with a variety of themes in the theme directory.

So quickly let’s take a look at the most recent features in GBWhatsapp v6.4.1 for Android. There are lots of added features anyways, just check them out!

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Features of GBWhatsapp v6.4.1

  1. Administrators can now prevent members from sending messages in groups
  2. You can now record audio clips without having to press the long button on the voice recording
  3. Automatic reply to specific conversations can be customized or exclude certain conversations
  4. Add option 2.7.9 To select the shape of the Floating Button as the official Callout
  5. Add Option 2.1.11 to hide the Create new chat button from Conversations
  6. Add option # 6.20 to disable the appearance of an alert that there are retrieved messages (deleted)
  7. Add an option to disable AutoReader in case the two Read Disks are hidden
  8. 02/01/16 to show the video icon in the conversation
  9. You can now search for themes through the theme name
  10. Fix the color of the names when adding a new member to any group
  11. Fix the color of the IM bubbles
  12. Repair hide the playback signal
  13. Fix the appearance of the attachment icon in the group conversation conversation
  14. Fix the top bar color of the hidden and archived conversations
  15. Update the Italian and Brazilian language
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Where to Download GBWhatsapp v6.40.1

Download GBWhatsapp v6.4.1

Please Note: This is the official version of GBWhatsapp. The others with recent version GBWhatsapp v6.70 is entirely another mod; But they all come with the same feature.



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