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Download Dent App APK for Unlimited Data for All Networks


I introduced some freebie apps some time ago such as Opera News, Zoto, TopUp Africa, all of which is based on referrals and free airtime. But this was limited to a few countries. This time around with Dent App you get to enjoy Unlimited Data for free.

Data is a necessity now anywhere in the World. To be online and updated to need data. With Dent App, you get to enjoy 150MB for free on your first sign up. 30Dents is given to you when you sign up. You get 150MB for 29Dents. Although this 150MB is online for 9Mobile users in Nigeria.


For other countries like Ghana, 69 Dents gives you 100MB on Tigo. You get more dents you get more data. Asides that you can top up friends in other countries such as Mexico, United States, Nigeria, Brazil. Other countries are expected to be added in a few weeks. So even if your country isn’t listed, you can download the app for the future.

To Get more Dents, you will have to refer people or buy via Paypal. It is fast and easy. See below how you can get started and enjoy unlimited free data without VPN.

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How to Get Unlimited Data with Dents

  • Firstly, you will have to download dent app APK
  • Install the app, you will be asked to provide your phone number.
  • Now use Facebook, Google Account or fill in your details to get an account.
  • After successfully signing up, you should get 30 Dents for free which can be used to purchase any data plan
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How to Get More Dents for Unlimited Data

You can get more dents by referring more friends. The more friends that you refer the more dents. To refer friends, you should see Invite Friends on the welcome page as seen in the screenshot below

unlimited data dent app

Can Dent App Be Tweaked for Unlimited Data (Dents)

For now, I can’t say because it uses your device ID. But If you have a rooted device, you can clone the app and use ID Changer.

Download Dent App Here

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