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How to Speed up Glo Internet Connection – Working Method


Glo subscribers are fond of one complain which is mainly about the internet/network connectivity. Globacom Nigeria has gained lots of customers due to it cheap data subscription but on the negative side the network coverage is nothing to write home about in most locations in Nigeria; just a few locations mostly major cities have good network coverage.

But wait, do you know you can speed you your internet connectivity, at least maybe from 15kbs/300kbs? I wrote a post before on how to improve Glo data connection. Today I will introduce another method which is kinda different. You can as well apply both methods and see the improvements.

These steps are very easy and you don’t need a third party app/tool to make this work. Everything is done within your Cellular Network settings. So quickly let’s take a look at the steps. See them below;

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How to Speed up Internet Connection on Glo

  1. Go to settings>>Cellular Network>>Access Point
  2. Edit your default access point.
  3. Scroll down to bearer settings and using the image below to set yours.


It is as easy as that. You can also apply this to other networks if you have poor network coverage. It may work for you. Additionally, note that it won’t bring a total boost, it is just to improve the network connectivity.


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