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How to Remove your Number from Truecaller, CallApp


For some reasons, mainly privacy issues you will love to remove your phone number completely from Truecaller, CallApp. Today I will reveal how you can remove details from Truecaller or Callapp all in easy steps. After carrying out this process, your name, email, website and every detail used in signing up will be removed!

Although the steps are totally different for both apps. So you focus on yours and in less than 2 minutes you must have unlist your number from trucaller or CallApp

I am sure you have these apps installed on your device. Quickly follow the steps below

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Table of Contents

How to Unlist Number from Truecaller

  1. Launch truecaller.apk
  2. Click on the three dot people icon at the upper left side of your screen
  3. Now click on “settings”
  4. You should see “Privacy” Click it
  5. Click on deactivate
  6. Now click here to go to Truecaller Unlisting Page and enter your phone number to unlist.
  7. This will take 24 hours to totally erase your data according to Truecaller. After 24 hours you can ask friends to help your affirm.

So quickly we move on to CallApp. It is very easy to remove number from CallApp see below.

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How to Unlist Number from CallApp

  1. Visit CallApp unlist page
  2. Now make sure you remember the email and phone number you used.
  3. Type in your Phone number and Email and click Unlist
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It is as easy as that.



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