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Download GBInstagram v1.4 Latest APK for Android


To save videos and images from Instagram the need for third-party applications is necessary. You will have to copy links and paste before downloading your media file. But that’s by the way at the moment; with GBInstagram v1.4 you can download these videos and photos with just a single click. – GBInstagram

The Instagram Mod GBInstagram v1.40 comes with other features asides saving media content with one click. The mod actually allows you copy comments change the theme of the app and also the theme for your conversation box. Additionally, you can zoom in and zoom out images; this feature was only made available to iOS users but thanks to GBInstagram you can now enjoy it on your device.

download gbinstagram v1.4

Also, you can copy description of a content, translate comment to your language. You should know that on Instagram you can only translate captions to your language and you may like to read comments as well. Now you can convert them to your desired language and read.

In general, you will find lots of unlocked features, so download the app and enjoy extra features and freedom. Before downloading you can take a quick look at the features listed below

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Features of GBInstagram v1.4

  • Based on latest Instagram
  • Now you can hide that you saw the stories.
  • Disable left or right drag in the app.
  • Fix errors while loading themes.
  • You can Download Images, Stories and Videos From Instagram
  • Users can Upload Images and Videos From Alsturi.
  • Translate Comments into your your Language
  • Comments Copy
  • You can Copy and Share Images Links and Videos Directly
  • Change Theme Conversations screen and conversion
  • Able to Zoom In/Out for photos
  • Play Audio with Video Automatically
  • Description can be copied
  • Notification Count
  • No Root Require to Download
  • Allow to Use Two Instagram in the Same Phone
  • And Much More
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Where to Download GBInstagram v1.4

Download GBInstagram v1.4 


How to Login – GBInstagram

You may encounter issues while trying to login to GBInstagram so I have got a quick guide for you. You can see it below

  1. Firstly, if you will like to log in using your Username and Password, make sure you have uninstalled the Instagram.apk before attempting login
  2. If you wish to use Facebook to log in, uninstall Facebook before doing that. You can back up the apk of your Facebook app; after a successful login to GBInstagram, you can now install facebook and log in again.
  3. You can equally signup if you are a new user


You should love this MOD. All thanks to the developer of GBWhatsapp, he actually modded Instagram too. Real creativity.


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