Swift Networks have been working a new project for about 2 years now and finally, they are through. This new brand dubbed Red Cheetah comes free broadband service; that is you can browse, download and stream for free every day. Although the service is only accessible by Lagos residents; it is expected it reaches other locations in Nigeria as time goes on.
Swift Networks will be partnering with Ads companies that will serve Ads on Red Cheetah. In other words, only what you are expected to do to browse for free on a daily basis is to watch adverts as well as click on adverts during your session. I think that’s cool if you don’t have to spend a dime!

About Red Cheetah Data Cap
You should have observed I never made mention of the data cap. I will explain in detail the daily cap for the free data. Of course, it’s not easy to offer unlimited internet to this kind of population in the country. According to Swift Networks, the idea is to provide free internet to the masses but for a start and for observation purposes, the daily limit will be 1GB. It is expected to change as time goes on; maybe depending on the growth and development of the internet provider.
Red Cheetah Accessibility (Location)
Like I mentioned earlier, Red Cheetah is only accessible by individuals in Lagos State Nigeria. For testing purposes, Lagos was chosen made available in 500 Locations throughout Lagos, that is 500 buses, 50 restaurants, 2 malls). This also includes Public spots, Taxis, BRT buses.
Swift Networks mentioned that 10,000 Locations will be available in total for Lagos alone, probably before mid next year.
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How to Browse for Free on Red Cheetah
1. Download Red Cheetah APK from Playstore. iOS and Windows users will have until June 2018 for the app.
2.  Now Register with correct details
3. Enjoy free 1GB daily.

For those that reside outside Lagos, just be patient, it may reach other locations.


  1. Nice deal for Nigeria, I will be glad to see it in Ghana too. @AYOLO from FreeBrowsing WEB ghana.

    I will be looking forward for more update here


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