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Glo Ghana Unlimited Free Browsing Reloaded Using Anonytun VPN


Glo users in Ghana can now enjoy freebrowsing without any special skill or money spending. The tweak has been confirmed working and at the moment, it is blazing perfectly well.

I will quickly guide you through on how you can browse for free with Glo in Ghana.

All thanks go to our Freebrowsing Web Ghana Whatsapp Group, they have been awesome.

This tweak doesn’t demand any form of spending, as you can enjoy all the benefits attached to the tweak such as unlimited browsing, downloading and streaming without no hitches of any kind.

It works only for Android devices as it will demand the use of VPN app; this time we will be making use of Anonytun VPN. Anonytun VPN is very fast and easy to use.

Additionally, for those that will like to enjoy the cheat on PC and share connection with other devices, I will also guide you through the process. Please note that they won’t last forever, as this is mainly meant to notify ISPs about loopholes and fix them. For the meantime, enjoy before it’s discovered.

Glo Free Browsing with Anonytun VPN

1. Install the AnonyTun
2. Open and click on continue
3. Tab on Stealth Settings
4. Turn on settings
5. Connection protocol: HTTP
6. Port 80
7. Turn on custom TCP/HTTP headers
8. Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP headers
9. Url/host :
10. Tick online Host and leave the rest
11. Click on generate and click on save
12. You will return to the stealth settings page. Click on save again.
13. Connect and enjoy unlimited speed..
How to Connect it to PC.

1. Unzip the Pdanet files

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2. Install the one for pc

3. Install the two apk files for your phone.

4. Open the pdanet app and connect to your pc

5. Tick USB tether

6. Click open the pda on the pc and choose USB connection.

That is all about the free browsing cheat for Glo users in Ghana. Enjoy while it lasts



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