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How to Stop/Disable Automatic Windows 10 Update 2018


For some reasons, people decide not to receive updates. In a country where data is expensive, the users of Microsoft Windows 10 should be scared of the regular windows update because of the size of the file to be downloaded. Sometimes it could be the speed of your internet connection.

Whatever the case may be, I will show you how you can stop windows 10 automatic update the right way. Though most of these updates are for your good; they come with different functions, fixes as well as improvements.

So quickly let’s talk about how you can disable these updates in easy steps. It’s all your choice like I said earlier, these updates are good for your PC. Your reasons are valid anyways.

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How to Disable/Stop Automatic Windows Update

Quickly follow the below steps and disable automatic update in less than 5 minutes

1 Go to Windows 10 Home

2 You will have to set your Wifi connection as metered. You can do this by Settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi

disable automatic update4. Now scroll down to the list of Wifi networks saved and selected ADVANCED OPTIONS

5 Enable Set as Metered Connection

disable windows update

After carrying out the above procedures, your PC will still receive the update but won’t download without your permission. You will have to accept or decline before it downloads.

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