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Working: How to Transfer All Messages from Whatsapp to GBWhatsapp


GBWhatsapp is known for it abundant features. The app gives you the freedom to enjoy some features you can never find on the Official version of Whatsapp.

The modded Whatsapp has  its latest version which is the GBWhatsapp v6.4

Some days ago, I wanted to switch from Whatsapp to GBWhatsapp but was afraid of losing my chats.

Since I was using the same device I felt it will be much easier to backup and restore chats.

Anyways, after some minutes, I was able to transfer over 150,000 messages to GBWhatsapp.

For those that will be encountering the same issue or for reference purposes; I made this post. The steps don’t require any third party app. It is fast and easy and all steps will be carried out on your Android device. Also, know that you should have GBWhatsapp Installed and follow the processes.

How to Transfer All Messages from Whatsapp to GBWhatsapp

Step 1… Firstly, you will have to make a backup of your old chats manually in the Official version of Whatsapp. So to carry this out go to Settings>>Chats>>Backup Chats. Wait for some second while it backups your chat.
Step 2… I guess you have GBWhatsapp Installed to your device, Now Uninstall the Official version of Whatsapp. Please do not clear the data. But for those that their device automatically clears data of an uninstalled app you can carry out  STEP 3 (below) before coming back to this STEP 2
Step 3… Now go to file manager, open your default storage. Locate the Whatsapp Folder and rename it to GBWhatsapp
Step 4… After you have renamed the folder, open and locate the Media Folder where you will see Whatsapp Documents etc and rename all the media folders to GB(Original Folder name) e.g. from Whatsapp documents to GBWhatsapp Documents.
Step 5… Now carry out the registration and phone number verification process.
Step 6… After that, you will see a new screen for the backed up chats, now hit restore and all messages will be restored in less than a minute.

Now that’s all. For those switching to a new device, you can as well, copy the Whatsapp folder from your old phone to a PC then transfer again from the PC to your new phone before carrying out the process.

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It is as simple as that


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