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Glo Ghana Unlimited Free Browsing With Psiphon Pro 169 – Android, PC


Hello guys, I will reveal a very easy trick that will give you 24 hours access to the internet for free in Ghana as long as it lasts.

The tweak has been confirmed working and thanks to the participants in our Whatsapp group who notified everyone about the development.

So for the sake of those that have no idea about the tweak and will like to browse for free using Glo SIM card, this post is for you.

This time around we will make use of Android VPN Apps such as Psiphon VPN and Tweakware. I will also explain step by step procedures on how you can using it and how you can set up IDM and chrome for unlimited downloads while rocking the cheat.

Please note that this is only for Ghanaians. Just the use of our web proxies, as well as a port, is all that is needed for the setup. First of all, check out the requirement before I spill the beans.


1. A very Strong Glo Network
2. Android Phone
3. Psiphon Pro 169 (Download

Settings for Glo Ghana Free Browsing Using Psiphon VPN

1. After downloading and installing Psiphon from the link provided above
2. Go to options>>More Settings>>Custom Header
  • Check Connect through an HTTP Proxy
  • Click Custom HTTP Headers
  • Now, Add Custom HTTP Headers
  • Header Name: X-Online-Host
  • Header Value:
3. Now save and hit the connect button.
4. Congratulations, you can now start browsing for free!

How to Use Glo Free Browsing on PC

3. Connect your Psiphon VPN using the settings explained above
4. Open PDANet and use USB Tethering to share the internet
5. Now your PC will gain access to the free internet via PDANet USB tethering

IDM Settings for Glo Ghana Unlimited Downloading

1. Go to Internet download manager configuration
2. Tick Use Proxy
3. Proxy Name: hiload.com
4. Port: 80. See screenshot below for detailed settings.

Method 2: Glo Ghana PC Free Browsing on Web Browsers (No VPN Required)

Please note that this will only be limited to only your web browser and it will not power any other software on your PC. This is a simple method.
1. Open your browser (Chrome, Mozilla)
2. Locate Settings
3. Scroll down to advanced settings (Chrome)
4. Click on Proxy settings
5. Select LAN, then tick the address bar. After input this to the empty bar
  • Address: hiload.com
  • Port: 80
6. Now refresh the glo homepage, you will be redirected to a proxy server page. Use it and enjoy free browsing at its best.
Credit: fbhouse1
That is all. Enjoy. 
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