Facebook to Reveal a Downvote Button to Curb Fake News

A lot of people have been craving for this feature for a very long time, in fact, many people have complained about the way fake news has been causing havoc on the social media platform and seems like Mark (Owner of Facebook) is responding to users requests.

Facebook is working on a new button which looks like the "unlike button" as seen on other social media platforms such as Reddit. This will help clean up a lot of messy news distributed online which many Facebook users have referred to as a ‘welcome development’.

Now, the downvote/unlike button appears beside the like button next to the comment button which when tap automatically records your vote. Asides on a post, you can equally use this feature on comments as well and get additional reporting options such as Offensive, Misleading, Off Topic. Below is an image of the downvote button for comments.

Facebook disclosed that this will affect 5% of Android users who have English set as their default language on the Facebook App for Android. Interestingly, it won’t appear in groups or post from individuals but will appear for only public page posts.


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