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Instagram Mod: Free Download GBInstagram v1.3 for Android


GBInstagram v1.3 is the latest from the developers of the modded Instagram App.

This modded version comes with a lot of interesting features you won’t find on the official version of Instagram, like copying comments and others.

The latest version comes with a few additions as well improvements on the GBinstagram v1.2

Please note that the app is safe for download and no malicious action will be carried out after successfully installing the app on your device.

You can run the official version of the Instagram app and also this version, in other words, you can have to active Instagram account if you so wish

Since GBInstagram v1 was revealed, a lot of people wrote a lot of good reviews about the modded Instagram. Quickly, let’s take a close look at the newly added features. Below are them

New Features of GBInstagram v1.3

>> Added Options to theme profile screen (mod 6)
>> Added options to theme notifications screen (Mod 5)
>> Added server themes for In-App download
>> Fixed white line on home screen
>> And many more fixes
Those are the few changes, but if you are new, you can download the app and login safely. Go through the app and see the beauty in this moded version.

Where to Download GBInstagram v1.30

Download GBInstagram v1.30
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