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How To Play PS4, Xbox, PC Games on Android with Gloud Games


PS 4 and Xbox games are really amazing; when it comes it graphics or storyline.

Now you can play ps4 games on android using an emulator dubbed Gloud Games

Initially, most people thought only PlayStation 2 games can be played on Android via PPSSPP emulator.

Anyway, that has changed because that particular console (PS2) is already outdated.

I guess sometimes you might have asked yourself if PlayStation 4 games, Xbox games as well as PC games can be played on Android, I don’t mean the Android version of the game, I mean the exact type you enjoy on these consoles maybe with the help of an Emulator on Android. Well, I have thought of that too and here is Gloud Games for Android.

Gloud Games for Android gives you the ability to play PS4, Xbox games on Android without any skill. All you just need an Android device, a good screen. Don’t bother about the game file and how much storage it will consume, all games will be enjoyed online using Gloud Games APK
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1. Firstly, download Gloud Games for Android from here
2. Install and launch the Android app
3. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no need to download additional files to enjoy games. Once you open Gloud Games you should find popular games e.g. WWE, PES, FIFA, GTA etc.


Using this PS4, Xbox Emulator you are limited to only 30mins of play for each of the games. Anyways, I will show you how you can increase the playing time on Gloud Emulator

How To Increase 30Mins Play Time on Gloud Gaming

Actually, this is just a simple trick on how you can bypass Gloud game 30mins. See Below
1. Download Parallel Space or any app cloner you know
2. Now install and clone Gloud Emulator. Launch the cloned game and start playing
3. Once it exceeds 30mins go to Settings>>Apps>>Gloud Games>>Storage>>Clear Data
4. Now Re-clone the game again
With that, you should enjoy PS4, Xbox, PC games on Android without hitches. You have any questions about this emulator? Do use the comment section
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