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Confirmed: Glo Free Browsing Ghana 2018 For all Devices


Hey Glo users in Ghana, there is good news which I guess those in our Whatsapp group already know about. It is a fresh free browsing for the New Year.

This doesn’t require any VPN or any form of tweaking to work. It works 100% and has been confirmed by 7 active Ghanaians in our Whatsapp groups.

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I will try and be brief since the tweak doesn’t require much application of settings.

It is good to know that you can rock this Glo free browsing for Ghana on any device, be it Android, iOS, PC, or any internet enabled device without any form of internet bundle or subscription.

Users of other devices can now partake; many people have complained over the years that only Android users enjoy most of the freebies or loopholes discovered. Anyways you can now partake without any rigid requirement; just your Glo SIM card is needed for this to work effectively.

We revealed a free browsing tutorial around 2017 for our users in Ghana which I’m sure you guys really rocked then. Anyways, you can now partake of this one because it is the latest bomb in Ghana. Below is how you can enjoy Glo Ghana Free browsing 2018 on any device at all.


1. Your Glo SIM Card
2. A very strong network coverage
3. Your internet enabled device be it Android, blackberry, windows etc
4. Zero Balance

Settings for Glo Ghana 2018 Free Browsing, Downloading

1. Get a Glo SIM Card
2. Insert into your internet enabled device
3. Put on your mobile data with zero balance and start enjoying free internet in Ghana 2018.

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Like I said earlier, no skill or any form of tweaking is required. It is as easy as that!!!  Do share this post with friends, I’m sure they will need it.

You can bookmark our link and check back from time to time for latest free browsing cheats for Ghana.



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