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Free Download Latest YoWhatsapp v7.2 APK – Direct Link


YoWhatsapp is amongst the best Modded versions of Whatsapp we have.

The app comes with a lot of features we can’t find now or in the future on the official version of Whatsapp.

Although many have argued that YoWhatsapp gets features from GBWhatsapp. Whatever the case maybe, it still remains one of the best modded Whatsapp.

In this latest version of YoWhatsapp v7.20, you’ll get to meet a lot of interesting features, these features like I said earlier can be seen on the Official version of WhatsApp.

Trust me, if you love fancy stuff, you’d love this modded Whatsapp. Not only fancy, most of us like to explore, like we are hungry for more.

Anyways, before you download YoWhatsapp v7.2, below are some of the newly added features of YoWhatsapp V7.20.

YoWhatsapp v7.20 DownloadFeatures
1. Base updated to 2.17.427

2. Real Exclusive: Media Privacy i.e. Hide WhatsApp Media files from phone gallery

3. New: Switch between old and new emojis

4. Fixed: Delay in Mod Hide second tick for Contacts

5. New: Brand new Lock Design and Emojis added

6. Added: Option to remove custom privacy for particular contacts

7. Enabled: Group members search, Group admin settings

8. New package: com.yowhatsapp2 MOD APK for running 3rd YoWA number

9. Exclusive: Show Blue ticks only after your reply (YoMods Settings > Privacy)

10. Change: YoThemes Store Design and added Gradient Colouring with preview

11. New: Android Oreo Emojis

12. Fixed: Yo Themes store crashing problem

13. Other bug fixes and improvements

Download YoWhatsapp V7.20
Download YoWhatsapp Latest version

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