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How to Borrow Data From Airtel: The Right Code to Use Today


Sometimes, your data subscription gets finished in the middle of browsing about important stuff. At this point, the option would be to borrow data and pay back later.

This service is really helpful to many individuals, especially in emergency situations. MTN started this which other networks like 9mobile followed suit. The development was welcomed!

Airtel Nigeria has created options for borrowing data. You can borrow data using the Airtel USSD code which I will reveal as I proceed.

This can be done on any device be it Blackberry, Android, iOS, or any internet-enabled device. Your account will be debited anytime you recharge at the exact amount of data that was loaned.

But before then, there are some terms and conditions that must be met, you can see some of these terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be an active subscriber for a minimum of 90 days (3 months).
2. Your line must be registered and regularly recharged.
3. You must pay back all borrowed airtime.
4. You would remit 15% of the requested credit as service charge. E.g. For a credit request of N100, N15 will be remitted to Airtel and you get to keep the remaining N85.
5. If you were able to meet the requirements above, you can now proceed to borrow data using the steps below:

How To Borrow Data from Airtel

1. First, subscribe to Airtel Auto credit by dialling *500#.Select the Auto credit option.
2. Select any airtime value of your choice from the options that are given.
3. You can now proceed to subscribe to your desired data bundle.

4.  You can also do this by dialling 14495 and selecting the options of your choice.

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Do you have any other questions, use the comment section and we will attend to you asap.


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