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How to Get Unlimited Free Airtime From Zoto – Tricks


Hello guys, I will briefly explain how you can get free N1000 airtime or money in your Zoto Wallet.

Zoto is a secure payment app, which eases the comfort with which you can get airtime, buy data and pay bills in Nigeria, complete with benefits and rewards from time to time. This is kinda similar to Topup Africa.

So now you should understand how Zoto works. They are trying by every means to promote this app, thus giving out free airtime when you carry out a very easy and fast task.

Additionally, I will also reveal a little Zoto trick which you can use to earn more money to your wallet and spend on Airtime, Electricity bills, cable subscriptions and others.

Zoto is one of the best free airtime apps we have in Nigeria, you are being credited few hours after carrying out transactions with your card, at the moment, it is called Zoto black Friday and according to Zubby from Zoto, the offer ends today 30th November 2017. After this, they shall return to the normal N500. You don’t have to bother with your mobile subscriptions, airtime when you have Zoto.

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There are millions of Android users in Nigeria, so if you can help zoto reach more people, you earn more money. It will be credited in less than 24 hours after registration and recharge. You can earn up to N20,000 using zoto


>> Your Android device
>> An ATM Card with at least N50 balance

How to Earn Free Airtime From Zoto

Please, I recommend you follow the method below to earn enough money from zoto. Like I said before, we have millions of Android users in Nigeria, I mean the app is based on Android and you could refer a lot of people even without stress.
1 Firstly, download Zoto App from here or here
2. After download and installing Zoto, launch the app and input your phone number, you should receive a verification text from Zoto, confirm the number and move on to the next step
3. Now you are required to provide, your first name, surname, email address as well as the referral code. Fill every detail correct and use OJOKAP or JOHNDW as your referral code (That’s my referral code). Once this is done, your details will be processed and that’s all on registration
4. Now, you should see a tab like add money in the wallet, click on it and use your debit card to fill your wallet. Now, since our main aim is the airtime, we don’t bother to recharge much. We will use N50. Although the N50 option isn’t available there but just type in 50, and click on proceed at the lower part of your device screen.
5. You are required to fill in your Card name, Card Number (15 digits), your card expiry date, your card CVV (This 3 digit security number can be found at the back of your card).
6. Now click proceed and wait for the processing to finish. An OTP will be sent to the phone number you used to open the bank account. This to ensure the transaction is safe and authorized. Input the One Time Password to Zoto and proceed.
7. Now your wallet should show N50. You should be credited with N300 extra in less than 24 hours.
How To Earn N1000 with Zoto
Above, we just earned N300 upon registration and first recharge. Now, you can even earn more. Just tell a friend to carry out the same process explained above (No 1-7) but this time using your referral code. Your friend will be credited with N300 while you are credited with N1000.  I guess you grab the jeck?
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How to Earn Unlimited With Zoto
This is the trick aspect of zoto. Although it is a popular method, for those that don’t know, this is for you
>> Download Parallel Space  (This app can clone every app on your device)
>> Now install and launch
>> You are required to clone some apps, now check for Zoto and clone the app.
>> After cloning, open and start registration. You should not that your information should be totally different from your first account. Information like name, email as well as the debit card (Use a new debit card)
>> After filling in the fake info, you can now use your own referral code during registration and repeat the process I explained above.
>> With that you should get N1000 on your main account and N300 on your fake account. Pretty cool.
I guess you like this? Why not share with friends. Make sure they use your referral code like you used mine, some people have the habit of skipping referral codes joyfully 😀
Meanwhile, you can use the balance in your wallet to pay for other services asides airtime. Enjoy!


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