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Working: How to See Photos/Videos On Free Facebook Mode


Free Basics was introduced some time ago by Facebook, ever since then, Nigerians have gained access to Facebook every day without paying a dime for a subscription which is still cool, same as Telegram.

Although, there have been restrictions set by some network carriers patterning with Facebook e.g. you can’t view photos and videos on free facebook. 

So if you don’t have data and you wish to watch videos on free facebook mode as well as viewing pictures I will show you a quick method you can use to watch and see media files on Facebook. For now, only 9Mobile and Airtel is online working with the free basics.

We will make use of the lite app on Facebook with some simple settings to make this work flawless. The trick is 100% confirmed by Presh and I recommend you try this if you are out of data. Most of us can spend the whole day on Facebook, so this is good for you; it’ll save you some good bucks.

I will try and be brief and understandable like I always do.


1 Android device
2 Facebook Lite (Download Now)
3 0.0k Airtel or 9Mobile account/data balance
4 2G, 3G or 4G Network, anyone works perfectly, since we are using Facebook Lite, but for crazy speed, use 3G or 4G.

How To See Photos on Free Facebook

1. After downloading and installing Facebook lite on your device and login
2. Now close Facebook lite and Switch off your data
3. Now go to settings>>Apps>>Facebook Lite>>Clear Data  (Those on Android 5.0 and up, click on storage and click clear data)
4. Now go back and switch on your data. Now launch Facebook lite
5. Enter your login details and click login
6. Now you will notice it refuses to load, now exit/close the app again and open it again. Try to log in now and see the magic.
Now it is as simple as that. You will notice you logged in data mode and you are seeing photos. Keep rocking.

Also, if you have any questions, quickly use the comment box and we will respond to you asap! Remember you must be using an Airtel or 9Mobile SIM Card.

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