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Ultimate Mobile Data Saving Tips For Smartphone Users


More often than not, mobile data gets exhausted before it is supposed to.

This has posed a great issue to most mobile data subscribers even with the high price of internet subscription in Nigeria.

Today we will be looking for some tips you can implement and save/manage your internet bundle.

This can be implemented on Android, iOS, Windows or any internet enabled device at all.

Most phones manufactured these days comes with some data saving apps especially on the Android OS.

Check out these five mobile data saving tips and you’ll be happy you did:

Data Saving Guide For Smartphone Users in Nigeria

1. Monitor your data usage
 You can do this on your Android with the help of the inbuilt data monitor.
To do this,
-Go to settings
-Under the wireless and networks option, click on data usage.
This would help you know when your data usage is normal and when it is excessive, giving you the details of each case.
2. Stream Videos Cautiously
Streaming HD videos consume an incredible amount of data. An hour of video streaming can cost you 2gigabytes of data. Crazy, Right?
You can avoid this by watching lower quality video resolution on video streaming apps.
Avoid using the Facebook App
Yes, that’s because using the Facebook app is expensive. Instead, you could access Facebook through your browser. This would be less expensive and data saving.
3. Use the Chrome/Opera Data Saving Feature
Google Chrome comes with a data saving feature which you just need to turn on. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option and then turning the data saving feature.
It’s that simple
4. Save Videos And Audios Offline
Most streaming apps enable the option of downloading for offline use.
YouTube does this with the use of the YouTube GO app.
To save your data, you can download videos and audios which you can use offline.
5. Disable App Auto Update on Google Play
Playstore provides you with all Android app and regular updates. Sometimes, this updates can be deadly to your data because most Android applications come in big size. Hence, consuming your data. You can stop this by disabling auto update over mobile data and set at Wifi only.  Go to Google Playstore>>Settings
6. Use Lite Versions of Apps:
Facebook, Twitter, Messenger all have lite versions. This will help you manage your data efficiently. They don’t consume RAM, Data and at the same time can be used over 2G (Slow) Network connections.
With these few tips, you can be sure of making good use of your mobile data. They will help you go a long way in trimming down excessive data usage.
If you also have contributions or additional points, you can provide us using the comment section.
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