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Best Method To Download From Mega without Mega App – Android


Sometimes when trying to download a file saved to mega, we find it difficult using our Android device.

This most times is due to compatibility issues, but today I will show you a working trick on how you can download straight from your Browser from mega on Android, although some application of your brain.

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I revealed this tutorial because some of the games we reveal here are saved to the mega cloud storage.

Many people have complained about the issue of downloading files from mega with android. Some just upon downloading when they discover the file intended to be downloaded is saved to mega. Anyways, we gonna fix that today.

When it comes to uploading files on Mega, it is recognized as one of the most secured cloud storage at the moment. Mega accommodates big size files and can be downloaded anytime needed with just an access link.

Whatever the file type, be like apk, rar, zip, the method works perfectly, so you don’t need to bother about downloading the mega app before you enjoy your downloads.

Please note that this method was carried out on Firefox and Chrome, in other words, Chrome is recommended for use.

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1. Your Android device
2. Chrome browser
3. Your mega download link

How to Download From Mega with Browser 
1. Now launch your Chrome Browser and open your mega link

2. Once you open the link you should get a response like “browser not supported”. Don’t panic

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3. Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen.

4. You should see different options, select request desktop site.

5. The page will now reload and your download is ready! Just click the download buttons and it begins.

That is all. Now you should be able to download any file from Mega with your Android device. it is as easy as that. Meanwhile, if you still got any issue, use the comment box asap.


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