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New Method to Make Your Glo Free Browsing Cheat Work Flawless Again


Hey guys, we haven’t really enjoyed the Glo free browsing cheat this month. Although the data came up a few times but was taken back without joy by Glo Nigeria.

This time around I’ll to reveal to my lovely viewers the new method I used to browse and download unlimited with my Glo SIM. Be it 3G or 4G SIM.

I will like to state clearly that this time around, it won’t be 0.0k like before, you will have to subscribe to a Glo plan of at least N100 to enjoy unlimited downloads without speed throttling or any kinda hitches at all.

This method is 100% confirmed by Presh and now it’s over to you to enjoy!

Those in our Telegram group have been enjoying this for over 4hours now, you can join our Telegram group here. Credit goes to Uchetechs for revealing this helpful info.
I will give out some requirements/things you need to do before connecting your VPN app and start surfing, streaming, and downloading. Don’t bother about the lengthy steps, it very easy to understand.
1.  Firstly, make sure you have a 3G or 4G Glo SIM Card.
4. Buy Airtime of N100 or more depending on how long you want to enjoy the tweak before subscribing to another plan. What I mean is, if you subscribe to the N100 plan, you will be able to download unlimited for 24hours. If you go for the N500, you will download unlimited for a week. But it is wise you go for the N100 plan because anything can happen. We don’t control and can’t predict. To subscribe to a plan dial *777#. Follow the prompt and subscribe to any data plan, assuming you recharged N100, go for the N100 data plan which is around 35MB/90MB
Why I revealed stark VPN is to reduce the setup process because the app comes preconfigured. In other words, I don’t want you to stress yourself.
After downloading and installing Stark VPN and UCMINI Handler, apply the following settings
Stark VPN Glo Settings
1. Now Install and launch the VPN App
2. In Tweaks Select Glo
UCMini Glo Settings
>> I Guess you have UCMini Installed to your device, Now launch and use the settings below
>> Device user agent: click and choose Android
>> Handler download limit: 9999999991
>> Tick remove port
>> Proxy Type: Real Host
>> Proxy Server: www.gloworld.com
>> Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
>> Real Proxy Port: 80

How to Make the Glo Cheat Work Again

I assume you have fulfilled the above requirements. Please, we have to be careful in this aspect, don’t take any step for a joke, in order not to lose your airtime or data.
>> Firstly, put on your data after subscribing to a plan as listed in no.4 requirements
>> Turn on Restrict App Background Data On your Android device to avoid data deduction. To do this, go to data usage>>Swipe to Glo>>Look at the top and click on option. You should see Restrict App background data, now click and OK.
>> Launch your Stark VPN, after applying the above settings for stark VPN, hit the connect button.
>> Also launch your UCMini Handler. Please make sure you have used the above settings.
>> Open any page and start downloading

Things to Know

>> What I like about this method is that your data or airtime won’t be touched. Oh yes
>> Every browsing, streaming and downloading should be done on UCMini Handler only. That’s why I said you must restrict background apps data
>> Don’t worry about using proxy sites for your downloads, just click download and your download starts
>> The speed is crazy and works perfectly well.
Now that’s all, you can now go back to downloading and streaming using UCMini Handler. Share your testimonies in the comment section.



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