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How to Make Your Glo Mobile Data Come Up By Force – 4G/3G SIMs


You can now enjoy unlimited browsing with Glo at no cost, I mean without any payment.

At the moment the tweak is blazing real hot but it’s unfortunate that some people are still yet to get a vibe of the tweak, especially if you really rocked this around last year using a 4G SIM.

This time around we decided to dump the 4G SIM and go with our 3G SIM since it delivered the results we wanted.

Anyways, 4G is bae and I have hustled a way we can continue flexing with our 4G SIM cards again.

If you remember, the 4G SIM card is special when it comes to speed. It good to note that your device doesn’t need to be a 4G enabled device, we just need the SIM Card, We’d make use of the 3G Network. Remember, just the SIM Card.

Previously, I unleashed the Glo free browsing cheat settings for AnonyTun VPN. So if you aren’t able to enjoy this because your data isn’t coming on (H+) then I recommend you try this and enjoy what others have been enjoying.

Make Glo Data (H+) Come Up – Solution

Now to fix this you will have to apply a few changes in your APN settings, once this is done your data should come on. The APN settings aren’t similar to what we know, it different.

Below is the recommended apn setting

>> Firstly go to Phone settings>>More>>Cellular Data>>Access Point Names>>Add new APN

>> APN Name: FreebrowsingWeb

>> APN: 9Mobile

>> Username and Password:

>> Authentication Type: PAP

Now save your APN and put on your data connection. Once It is on you can now use the Glo AnonyTun Pro Settings. Alternatively, you can use UCMini Handler. You can see all settings here.

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Welcome back to real speed using your 4G SIM Card



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