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Glo Free Browsing Trick Reloaded – Best Settings For Glo 0.0k


Hello guys, Glo Unlimited Browsing is back and blazing without joy which I’m sure some of you are already enjoying, especially those in our Whatsapp groups.

Anyways, the issue of the data not coming on was as a result of the leaked loophole; so in order to fix the loophole which is actually not really possible, Glo decided to make our data go off after exhausting our subscription/internet bundle.

The Good news is that; your data can now come on maybe after much complains from Glo customers like I predicted some months ago. Let’s say we took a break and we are back, November is really gonna be lit.

Like I always do, I will reveal the best working method for you guys according to my tests.

I have carried out this tweak on various devices and my test has confirmed a lot as regards to the Glo free browsing cheat with anonytun pro or UCMini Handler. I recommend you read everything in detail in order not to stress yourself because I’ve already gone through the stress for Y’all.

Changes I Noticed – Glo -0.0k

1. SIM Type: Now, I won’t be quick to mention the use of our 4G SIMs because this time it is a lil useless. You cannot. According to observation, those using 4G SIM cards complain about data not coming on which I have tested and confirmed to be true. So I strongly recommend you go with your 3G SIM which is the first requirement.
2. VPN App: This Time AnonyTun isn’t really working for everybody. So we will try out something similar, actually, AnonyTun Pro which I will reveal as I proceed to make this work.
3. Speed: Most people have complained bitterly about speed. The tweak is really slow using a 3G SIM. So if you fall into this category, we will use UCMini Browser Handler.


1. 3G SIM card recommended
4. Make sure your account balance is 0.0k (Send PAYU to 127 to empty your account balance)
Use Glosecure as your APN

AnonyTun Pro Settings For Glo Unlimited Browsing

After installing open the app, Now look at the upper part of your screen you should see Stealth Settings. Now use the settings below to configure.
>>  Click on Stealth Settings
>> Turn on Stealth Tunnel
>> Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
>> Connection Port to 80
>> Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>> Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>> Then apply settings
>> URL/Host: www.gloword.com
>> Request method: POST
>> Injection method: Normal
>> Tick User-Agent
>> Leave other boxes un-ticked
>> Click on Generate, then Save
>> Click on Connect, wait a few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.
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UCMini Handler Settings For Glo Unlimited Browsing

After downloading from the link in requirements, launch UCMini Handler and use the following settings
>> Device user agent: click and choose Android
>> Handler download limit: 9999999991
>> Tick remove port
>> Proxy Type: Real Host
>> Proxy Server: www.gloworld.com
>> Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
>> Real Proxy Port: 80

PS: UCMini handler is very reliable. If you have a slow connection, you can use UCMini Handler.

Clear your device storage, get an external disk for mad downloads, November will be lit!!! If you got other questions to ask, don’t hesitate to comment. I will be glad to help. Do enjoy as it lasts.



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