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Glo Unleashes 180GB Data Plan For Heavy Users – Checkout Price

The new data plans from Glo are really cheap. If you can remember N10000 gives you 4GB, N200 9.5GB and so on. This time around they have revealed something spectacular for heavy internet users on the Glo network.
The new data plan is dope and I’m sure you are really gonna love it, trust me… I’m talking to those that can browse, download and stream without getting tired. This is more like an unlimited plan but with the 180GB limits. This plan is good for businesses as well as internet cafes. Although the issue of speed weeks everyone.

Please note that only one new plan was introduced, the other plans still remain intact. Now you can get 180GB for N20,000, oh yes! 20k. this was revealed earlier today via Glo twitter’s handle. See tweet below

Do you like this plan, does the internet speed favour you? Dial *777# to start rocking this wonderful plan. For those that complain so much about speed, you can try this tutorial out on how to increase Glo browsing speed.
Do you like this plan?

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