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Internet Subscribers Now Get 14days Grace to Roll Over Unused Data

Telco companies in Nigeria have been accused of scamming its customers when it comes to internet bundles, the Nigeria Communications Commission isn’t toiling anymore with our complains as they have mandated all Telco companies in Nigeria to implement the 14days grace to allow customers roll over unused data.
According to NCC, they are fighting to protect the consumers from unfair practices, through available information and education to make informed choices in the use of ICT services in Nigeria. Additionally, they are currently monitoring issues of wrong billing, poor reception, deductions, automatic rollovers and other issues affecting customers. If any Telco company in Nigeria fails to improve any of these services to the satisfaction of customers, they will face regulatory actions and sanctions.
Now you will have up to 45days to enjoy your monthly data plan, that is 14 days extra to roll over unused data. The Nigeria Communications Commission has vowed to issue strict directives to Telcos and make sure action is taken.

This is indeed a great move by the Nigeria communications commission or what do you think?
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