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Free Download Latest Official GBWhatsapp v6.0 APK


The latest version of GBWhatsapp has been unveiled. This version is dubbed GBWhatsapp v6. In this update, a lot of features were newly added, unlike the previous version GBWhatsapp 5.9.

Although some of this features aren’t available on the Official version of Whatsapp like we know GBWhatsapp is a modded Whatsapp and it’s expected to come with additional features.

In this version, you have the ability to copy status. If you remember some weeks ago Whatsapp included a new feature for Status /Whatsapp Stories like that of Snapchat; You get a background where you can type in text. In GBWhatsapp v6.0 you can copy your contact’s status. Nice!

Also, you can revoke multiple messages at once. Below are some of the new features of GBwhatsapp 6

Table of Contents

Features of GBWhatsapp v6.0

1. New based updated to 217.351 (Playstore)
2. Exclusive ability to send text broadcast to groups (Only texts not media files)
3. Exclusive ability to filter message when clear chat added anti-revoke (Options privacy)
 4. Exclusive fake maps when sending location
5. Enable live location sharing
6. Enable image/video filters (Effective when sending images)
7. Added options for centre names in conversation header (mod 11.5)
8. Enabled advanced storage management
9. Enabled quick/fast reply (Long press any message and click on the Tert Entry)
10. Added Custom Anti Revoke
11. Revoke multiple messages at once
12. Ability to copy status (Click options and click copy)
13. You can now remove read more options for long texts/messages (mod
14. You can now send 100 documents instead of 30
15. Added themed emoji and GIF search
16. Fixed emoji scroll
17. Updated ability to select multiple contacts in scheduler for a single message
18. And much more
Please Note: Before updating GBWhatsapp, it is advised you clear log files first, in order not to lose your chats

Where to Download Latest GBWhatsapp 6.0

Download GBWhatsapp v6.0 here
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