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How To Download From YouTube, o2tvseries, On UCMini Handler Using Glo 0.0k Cheat


I know many people must have been experiencing this little issue with downloading using UCMiniHandler with the Glo 0.0k Tweak from websites like Youtube, tvshowsformobile, o2tvseries.

Anyways as we all know, we download with the help of our proxy sites though some of this proxy sites can’t help us get contents from the above-mentioned websites to our device.

The Glo 0.0kUnlimited browsing cheat with UCMini is one of the best we have presently even though it doesn’t power all apps, you can use it to download large files without stress.

The app is a lite app, comes with a handler menu for you to configure.

AnonyTun VPN has also been doing good for some time now but hasn’t favoured many. So to enjoy unlimited downloads without restriction or location issues, I recommend you use UCMini Handler. Presently I got every answer to any problems with UCMini Handler. The last which gave many headache, is what am going to address today. So just sip some coffee and read on #smiles.

How To Download Videos From YouTube, o2tvseries, tvshowsformobile With UCMini Handler Using Glo Unlimited Browsing Cheat

You should understand here that, when downloading, we use some proxy sites to download. Without the use of some of these proxy sites like buka.link, german-proxy.de, you won’t be able to download any file using the Glo Unlimited Browsing Cheat with UCMiniHandler. Like I said earlier, the popular proxy sites can’t help us get videos from youtube, movies sites. But below is a fix

Newbies should read HowTo Browse Unlimted With UCMini.

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Now follow this steps below to begin downloads

Step 1… Go to youtube, select the video you wish to download.

Step 2… Here we are going to utilize the SSyoutube trick for those who want to download youtube videos. After selecting the video you wish to download, go to the url box and add “ss” without quotes before youtube. (e.g. ssyoutube.com/latest/gdhse/….) and click go to load. You should be redirected to a download site.

Step 3…  Now copy the link of the video quality you want.

Step 4… Those using o2tvseries,just copy the download link and let’s ride

Step 5... Now, here is it. Open a NEW TAB and type in the url securefor.com

Step 6… You should find a box to insert link, paste the video link (@No 3) and hit go

Congratulations, you unlimited downloads just started!

Alternatively, you can use Anonytun to enjoy stress-free downloads. You don’t require any of the proxy sites to download. Your Choice! Meanwhile, thanks to the Whatsapp user CHERISH SOFT who contacted me on this.

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Happy downloads!



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