Airtel Data Offer + YouTube Streaming - N1000 for 4.5GB, N2000 9.5GB

Airtel has revealed another offer from its customers. Which gives you more value for your recharge. I'm sure you are enjoying the Airtel Double data which is rocking real hot! Well, this new offer from Airtel is better. This time around you get 4.5GB for N1000 (YouTube inclusive)

This offer is very similar to the 9Mobile data offer which we enjoyed a month ago because every subscriber has access to the free youtube data added to your subscription. Now let me explain; If you subscribe to N1000 plan which gives you 1.5GB, you will be rewarded with 3GB for YouTube streaming.

This plan works for only Android devices and every user is eligible to enjoy. According to Airtel, this offer will last for 30days but only usable at night. Now you should understand why I said is similar to that of 9Mobile.

I will highlight the new Airtel data plans and YouTube offers.

Airtel Data Plan and YouTube Offer
>> N1000 for 4.5GB data (1.5GB Android data + 3GB Streaming data)
>> N2000 for 9.5GB data (3.5GB Android data + 6GB Streaming data)
>> N2500 for 15GB data (5GB Android data + 10GB Streaming data)
>> N3500 for 17GB data (7GB Android data + 10GB Streaming data)
>> N4000 for 19GB data (9GB Android data + 10GB Streaming data)

Validity Period 
All plans are valid for 30Days

How To Activate
To subscribe to Airtel youtube data offer, simply dial *323#  and follow the prompt. Select any of the plans you wish to subscribe to and enjoy!

Remember, you can only use the YouTube plan at night, hopefully, we will reveal a setting that can be used to power all apps using AnonyTun or Psiphon Handler.


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