Photos: TSTV Picture Quality, Signal Strength, Decoder Size

A few weeks ago, I informed you guys about everything you need to know about TSTV, although without a real picture of TSTV. Well, I will be showing you some pictures on the latest bae - TSTV. These pictures are real. I promise you this will cause more anticipation; I mean, you will love it.

I won't continue talking about the better side of TSTV. I also got a photo for the signal strength of TSTV. Below is a picture of the dish mounted outside a building.


Now that looks really portable. Same as the size of TSTV Decoder. You can see this picture below. The Cable is already installed as seen in the image. And as for the picture quality, it is also cool. Oh yea! That's very important.

At the moment, some TSTV Channels aren't active. But will be active as time goes on. I'd like them to focus on TSTV sports channels, as well as entertainment channels. Other can come in later #lol. Anyways, we should expect more than that; Documentary channels, news channels, lifestyle will also be added by November 1st when it is installed.

Like I said earlier, I will also talk about the negative side of TSTV. Although not much but a few corrections which must be made before 1st November. The image below shows the poor signal of TSTV (Cracking). That shouldn't discourage you from getting yours.


There are many benefits attached to buying this decoder. You get 20GB of data for just N3,000. Meanwhile, you purchase MTN data of 10GB worth N5000, this should be a better option.

As from 1st November, if the owner of that football house in your area restricts you from browsing for free while using a TSTV decoder, Arrest him. 😀


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