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Download TopUp Africa APK, Get Unlimited Free Airtime or Cash – Tricks


As we know we have a lot of apps that reward you with cash for a specific task carried out.

Apps like Geopoll has dished out a lot of free airtime to different Android users and this time, there is something cool you can use to earn yourself some airtime or cash from by just using your Android device.

You don’t need to have any special skill, Topup Africa trick revealed.

But before I move into the benefits of downloading the app, I will like to tell you what Topup Africa APK offers asides the free airtime and cash you get. This platform is a multifunctional digital payment platform that allows you pay for a good number of services. It’s rewarding, easy to use, fast and of course reliable.

With Topup Africa For Android, you can pay electricity bills, buy MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel Airtime, internet subscriptions, pay-tv and transfer of money from one bank to another. When you pay for any of the above-listed services, you will also get rewarded with airtime or cash transferred straight to your bank account.

You can also start up a business using this platform or improve your business using Topup Africa. You can be selling airtime, data and pay for cable subscriptions for people and get rewarded by the company. Asides the reward you can make some cool bucks by adding an extra charge.

I will highlight what you can use this platform for better understanding. See below

TopUp Africa Services

>> Referral Bonus
>> Free Chat
>> Support Chat
>> Agent-to-Agent Transfer
>> Profit-to-Profit Transfer
>> Payment History of all Transactions
>> Group Payment (on the web)
>> Instant credit using debit card
>> Account Manager

Where to Download Topup Africa (Free Airtime + Cash Back)

Download from here

How to Earn Free Airtime + Cash from Topup Africa

1. Firstly download the app from here or the above link
2. Now install the app and launch it
3. You can now fill in your details (correct details)
4. You will get these bonuses whenever you use any of their services. You also get rewards whenever you refer someone. Refer one person and get free airtime for any network/line which can also be sent straight to your bank account for withdrawal.
5. It easy and fast! Kindly share this post with friends who may need it. Remember its free. We recommend you download from the above link, in order not to get a response like “Topup Africa Not Installed”.



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