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Free Download Latest GBInstagram APK v1 – With Extra Features


GBInstagram is now available for download for Android users. When you see GB you mind you flashback to GBWhatsapp; a modded version of Whatsapp that accompanies several lovely features you can’t find in the official version of Whatsapp.

Similar to that, GBInstagram v1 comes with a lot of features you can’t find of Official Instagram App.

GBInstagram v1 was modded by @atnfas_hoak the same person who modded GBWhatsapp.

So you shouldn’t bother about what the App will look like as I’m sure he will inject every much-needed features we can’t find on the Official version of the Instagram App.

More update is expected to be experienced as time goes on. This version is based on 1.00- (v1.0)

One of the features of GBInstagram is the ability to change the theme of the Instagram App. Now that sounds cool.

This is the feature you can never find of the Official Instagram App. Besides the above-mentioned feature, you can copy someone’s description and like we are expecting, you can download Photos and video uploaded by contacts and much more which are enumerated below


1. The Ability to download Instagram videos and images in a single click
2. You can zoom in and zoom out for photos and personal photo publications through prolonged by pressing
3. Ability to Copy description and comments
4. You can translate comment to your language.
5. You can upload photos and videos from Alsturi
6. You can change the Apps theme (Conversation screen)
7. Add option to play audio with the video automatically
8. Supports Pressure on the links in the program completely. (Publications-comments-in-conversation)

Where Can I Download GBInstagram

Download GBInstagram Here

I guess you like some of the features above. Meanwhile, we should be expecting enticing updates as time goes on. 

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