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9Mobile 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat Using AnonyTun VPN

9Mobile is really rocking hot when it comes free browsing cheat, this time around we discovered a loophole which you can be enjoying on a daily basis. Although this is similar to the 60MB cheat which was revealed some months ago. The tweak was later blocked after Etisalat rebranded. – 9Mobile 60MB 0.0K Rebirth
Of course, the 9Mobile 60MB Cheat is blazing real cool in terms of speed and connection time. This will give you at least 30 minutes access to the internet on a daily basis without paying a dime. Android users are the only users eligible for this tweak at the moment as we will make use of VPN Apps.

This is tested and confirmed by me, so questions like “is it working” won’t be entertained. We recommend you follow due process to enjoy this tweak. From the setting I will drop below, you will notice a change in the proxy server, which is the major change. We will be going for something different but super hot!
1. A very strong internet connection
3. Etisalat SIM
1. No Speed throttling using this tweak
2. This tweak at the time of testing is capped at 55-60MB.
3. You don’t require any airtime or data to use this tweak
4. No special skill is required
5. Make sure you have 0.0k in your account balance, to avoid airtime or data deduction
9Mobile 60MB 0.0K Rebirth Anonytun VPN Settings 
I Guess you have downloaded and installed Anonytun VPN for 9Mobile 60MB Cheat
  • Launch the app and tap on Stealth Settings at the upper part of your device screen
  • Toggle Stealth Tunnel ON
  • Connection Protocol, HTTP
  • Port: 8080
  • Toggle PAYLOAD on, and tap on edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • In URL/HOST, input this proxy server
  •  Request Method, select POST
  • Injection Method, select Normal
  • Under Extra Headers, tick Keep-Alive and User Agent
  • Now click Generate
  • Click Save and go back
  • Now Hit the Connect Button. You should see a key sign when connected.
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You can minimize the app and start browsing. Like I said, I speed is superb but capped at 60MB on a daily basis. I guess that’s manageable since you ain’t paying a dime for this.
Enjoy while it lasts! Don’t forget to share with friends and drop your testimonies as well. 


  1. bro, I made this cheat last month when the first 60mb stuff was blocked. I have been using it for a month now thinking I was the only one using it.
    sharp guys have cracked it.
    I'm currently using it with ucmini and anonytun.
    now that you guys have publicize it,I have to work on alternatives before they block this one.

  2. great work man. 60 mbs isn't too much but i usually use that hack when i'm using facebook lite or just checking my status or mails. for data larger than 60mb, like streaming on hulu or amazon, i'm usually using ivacy.


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