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TSTV Nigeria Channels, Frequency, Price, Where to Buy – TSTV vs DSTV


TSTV is a new cable available in Nigeria which according to the owners will compete with DSTV at all cost offering lower prices for subscription. 

So today I will discuss everything you need to know about TSTV Africa. Below are highlights of what I will discuss.

– Meaning of TSTV
– TSTV Channels
– TSTV Frequency
– TSTV Price
– TSTV Launch Date
– Where to buy TSTV
1. Meaning of TSTV
TSTV is a Pay-As-You-Consume TV provider in Nigeria although extending it services all over Africa. TSTV which stands for Telcom Satellite TV is operated by ABS and Telcom satellite TVs. This Cable comes with different local and international channels for consumers to enjoy at a more cheaper rate which is the main aim of this company TSTV.
It accompanies entertainment channels, sports channels, News, Kids, Health channels and more. The HBB (Combination of satellite and internet service) TV Tech will run on 4.5G Network offering 20GB data on N3,000 subscriptions.
Additionally, It can be used for video calls and serve as a Wireless network.
2. TSTV Channels
Football lovers will really love this aspect because it comes equipped with a lot of football channels for Laliga, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Seria A and other football competitions. This will be really cool for football lovers as World Cup 2018 Russia draws closer. Some of these football channels are
>>TSTV Sport Channels
– Bein Sport 1-10
– Fox Sport HD
– Ts Sports
– Eurosport
– Kombat Sport
– Yolo Sport
– MS Extreme
– Star Sport
TSTV comes with over 200+ Channels but will be launched first with 100 Channels
>> TSTV Movie/Music Channels
For those that love music and also movies, there are a lot of movie and music channels you can relax with. Although most of this channels are paid channels but are really cool as you can watch Telemundo, action movies, Wrestling and much more.
– Tele Novela
– Fox
– MBC4
– Bollywood TV
– Movie Box
– Televista
– Trace Urban/Africa (music)
– HITS TV (music)
– MTV Base
– TLC (HD) (music)
>> TSTV Documentary Channels
Like we have on DSTV, the channels are similar.
– Nat Geo WILD
– Discovery Channel
>> TSTV Kids Channels
>> TSTV Health and Lifestyle Channels
>> TSTV Nigeria Channels
>> TSTV Language/Culture/Pan Africa Channels
>> TSTV News Channels
3. TSTV Price (Decoder, Subscription)
>>Decoder: As for the Price of TSTV you can get your own decoder for as low as N5000 with 20GB data. Comes with mouth-watering features like making video calls, ability to pause subscriptions, Record and Playback and much more.
>>Subscription: Their Subscriptions are very cheap; ranges from N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000. Interestingly, you don’t need to pay monthly you pay as you consume. In other words, you consume more and pay more and vice versa.
4. TSTV Launch Date
TSTV is expected to be unveiled on the 1st of October 2017, 11 days from now.
5. Where to Buy TSTV
TSTV will be accessible in all states in Nigeria but firstly will be revealed in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kano and Owerri before reaching other locations. You can buy at any electronics store.
6. TSTV, vs DSTV
DSTV is the best as far as I’m concerned in Africa at the moment. Although many people have complained bitterly about their high cost of subscription and how they have sucked enough out of customers pockets.
Well, TSTV comes with something totally different, I mean an opposite of DSTV. They are set to compete with DSTV by unleashing cheap subscriptions as we saw above for as low as N200 – N3000. Whereby DSTV subscription goes for N17,000 (monthly) at the moment.
Another interesting aspect of TSTV is that you can pause your subscriptions if you aren’t using it, making you save more money and spend less.
It offers a lot of sports channels as DSTV does although seems like we won’t be seeing the regular Supersport. it’s all good.
Unlike DSTV, TSTV operates in a different way. The Technology TSTV Uses is HBB.
I’m sure you are ready to embrace this? If you wish to become a dealer or installer you can click here. Also like TSTV Facebook Page here.
Right now, TSTV is the bomb!!!
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