How Do I Get Rid Of Error 198 In Google Playstore?

Google Playstore which is mainly for Android and tablet users distribute millions of Android applications (free and premium), latest movies, books, games, TV shows, music and more. It is Google's official source for Android Applications and games.

Google Playstore gets updated frequently. Apps on Google Playstore are safe for downloads and installation as they undergo rigorous security testing before appearing on Google Playstore. Now that gives you more reason to love Google Playstore and make it your number source for Android Apps, games.

But with all this, users still experience hitches using the Number 1 Android App store. Errors of all kinds have been disclosed over the years and from research it the fault of Android users. Today I will discourse about Error 198 in Google Playstore from my experience and how I was able to fix it within few minutes.

Like I said earlier, the problem arises from we the users. You don't just get a new Android device from the market and it comes with faults like this. Well, below is how to fix error 198 on google play

How Do I Fix Error 198 In Google Playstore?
1. Go to your phone and open settings on your Android device

2.Locate applications in the setting menu

3.Tap application manager

4.Select Google Play Store from the list

5.Tap Force Stop (doing this will automatically stop google playstore from running)

6.Tap Clear Cache

7.Tap Clear Data. You can repeat this process for “Download Manager”.

Now that is that. In my next post on Google playstore, I will reveal how to solve storage full on google playstore, That is when trying to download Apps.

I hope this works for you. Kindly use 2 minutes to share this post, someone may need it.


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