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How To Download Unlimited With Office VPN Using 9Mobile


9Mobile users have been enjoying Whatsapp for some time now for free using the Office VPN.

Although many have complained about the speed today I will be talking about how to download unlimited with Office VPN for 9Mobile.

If the trick I introduced earlier on for free Whatsapp works for you then you can opt-in for this,  I’m assuring you it gonna work perfectly.

Please note that I didn’t mention streaming, unlimited browsing with Office VPN, I only mentioned unlimited downloads. This can be used on Android and PC. You will understand as I proceed. We add another application to this app to make it work perfectly for unlimited downloads.

Those in Freebrowsingweb Whatsapp group are already enjoying the cheat. Please follow due procedures to enjoy and don’t join those that will be complaining till it stops working. Although if you experience minor hitches, feel free to use the comment box.

We will make use of Office VPN Ultra and IDM+. Below are the requirements

1. Office VPN Ultra (Download)
2. IDM+ (Download Now)
3. Lucky Patcher (Download here)
4. Your 9Mobile SIM
4. Strong 3G or 4G(Recommended) network
5. Your Android Device
How To Download Unlimited With Office VPN Ultra
1. First of all, you need to locate the file you want to download.
2. Click and hold the file download link and copy it.
3. Open your IDM (internet download manager) and click on the Plus (+) button at the bottom right of the app
4. Select from Clipboard and you will see download menu with the file link you copied earlier.
5.  Untick WiFi Only
6.  Now click Start and your download will start with massive speed.
Now when enjoying your unlimited downloads, Am sure you know there is a time limit. So I will also teach you how you can increase the time on Office VPN to enjoy 24/7 downloads without paying a dime. Kindly follow the steps below, it’s pretty easy
How To Increase Time on Office VPN
1. Download and install Lucky Patcher from the link in requirements
2. Open Lucky Patcher, wait till it loads all apps. Then scroll to Office VPN and tap. It will open a little sidebar underneath.
3. Choose Open Menu of Patches and choose Create Modified APK. Now Choose APK Without Google Ads.
4. Now click create and wait. If it finishes, it will tell you where it’s located.
5. NOTE THE LOCATION and uninstall your Office VPN. Go to the location via file manager and install the new one. Enjoy.
Alternatively, you can use show box to enjoy your downloads in case you experience hitches with IDM.
How To Download with Office VPN using Showbox
1. Firstly download Showbox from here (Showbox is an app for movies, you can watch and download High-quality movies on Showbox)
2. Now select the movie you intend to watch
3. Now click watch and your download starts.
What We Noticed
When Trying to download, some people get an Error Message, you can see screenshot below
download unlimited office vpn
  • If you experience such, just tick Use Proxy (Don’t tick the others, just tick Retry and Use Proxy) [Host Error]
  • Secondly, if it doesn’t work that way, get another download link, it should be from the server. [Server Error]
Office VPN Ultra works for all your applications. In other words, you can use it for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other apps. If you are experiencing problems, kindly use the comment section and I will gladly assist you!
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