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9Mobile Free Browsing With Tweakware/Anonytun – N150


Hello people, am very sure you are tired of the 60MB tweak we revealed some months ago due to the daily limit which can’t be expanded in any way.

Well, today I brought something different for you which is a lil better than what you have been managing. 9Mobile Chat Pak Free Browsing

Am sure many of you who rock free browsing tweaks very well should know about this. So for those that don’t know, you can take advantage of this as it is better than the current nxtfrwd tweak which is capped around 45-55mb on a daily basis.

Now with this method, you will browse for 7 days for free with just a little investment of N150. This works for only Android users because we will introduce our VPN apps for android.

But if you have these VPNs on your iOS you can apply same settings to join the groove. No much settings required, just a little steps with subscription and setup.

Below are the requirements

1. Your Android Device

2. Your 9Mobile SIM Card

3. Recharge N150 or more. N150 will be used to subscribe to ChatPak. (Dial *200*3*3*1*2# to subscribe)

4. A strong 3G or 4G Network

5. Download Tweakware 

6. Download AnonyTun

9Mobile Chat Pak Settings for Tweakware

1. Am you have fulfilled the above requirements
2. Now install tweakware and launch
3. Click on None and change it to Free Server, below servers select Etisalat
4. Now Hit Connect and enjoy!

9Mobile AnonyTun Chat Pak Settings 

>> Now launch AnonyTun VPN.
>> Click on Stealth Settings
>> Turn on Stealth Tunnel
>> Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
>> Connection Port to 80
>> Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>> Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
>> Then apply below settings
>> URL/Host: viber.com or cdn.whatsapp.com
>> Request method: POST
>> Injection method: Normal
>> Tick User-Agent
>> Leave other boxes un-ticked
>> Click on Generate, then Save
>> Click on Connect, wait a few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.

Data Usage

This tweak is capped around 400MB-600MB for now.
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