Working Ways To Make 0.0K Unlimited Free Calls Anywhere

Heys guys, some days back I revealed how you can send free SMS to any network in Nigeria. Today I will talk about something related and more better - unlimited free calls. I will show you how you can make free calls, i.e. international calls, national calls without paying a single penny.

Am sure sometimes, you are without cash to get airtime for your device for calls, but most times you have a working internet subscription or working cheat which you use to access the web. Now you can make calls with 0.0k account balance but your data connection will be needed.

I will talk about two (2) Apps which I feel will be very helpful to you. All you need to do is download them and follow the process of signing up. 

How To Make Free Calls
1. Whatscall: This app has been available on playstore for some time now, but many took it for levity. With Whatscall you make use of your data to make calls. Now let me clear something, am sure many will be thinking the person you are calling must have access to the Whatscall App, but NO. you can call non-whatscall numbers. Now that sounds interesting

2. Free Call and Text: Like Whatscall you have the ability to make calls but this comes with something different. As the name implies, you can also send free texts.


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